Saturday, June 7, 2008

Peace, This is The Black Dot. Welcome to my new Blog where i will be breaking down the higher sciences of the art form called Hip Hop, Not Shit-Hop! well... we will be decoding some of that too. Stay tuned as i add clips, articles and exclusive interviews on a daily basis. 


Ralph said...

Well Well!!!!!

I go by the name of Kemetprince1 and i just wanna thank you black dot, i live in London, i got your book and i felt inspired!!!!

keep up the great work!!!


ElementalSoundProductions said...

this is something that I need. TRUTH is a breath of fresh air.. one of my sistas from VA put me on to your youtube channel and I found your blog.. continue to speak truth to those who need it.. I'll do my best to spread the word in New Jeru



TeikCamp said...

Thanks black dot for bring spirirtual awareness of the truth and lies of Modern Soicety with Ancient Wisdom!

Anonymous said...

Keep spreading the information...they will hear it.

Sleepy said...

Im a young brother from chicago who just wants to say, you are introducing me to a new way of thinking. I think Im moving up the chakra scale LoL. all jokes aside thank you for your determination to better our culture. I NEED MORE.